The Indian Parliamentary Group took shape as an autonomous body in the year 1949 in pursuance of a motion adopted by Constituent Assembly on 16 August, 1948. The Group functions as the National Group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and main Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) in India. The Group acts as a link between the Parliament of India and the various Parliaments of the world through exchange of delegations, goodwill missions and interactions at multilateral Parliamentary fora etc.

During its almost seven decades of existence the Group has rendered yeomen services towards achievement of its aims and objectives. It has also provided a vibrant interactive platform for members both past and present during these years.

In the series of goodwill visits, Parliamentary delegations from Romania, Russian Federation, Republic of Korea, China, Bhutan, Republic of Slovenia, Belarus, Vietnam, Namibia, Mexico and Seychelles were hosted in Parliament of India since I took over as President of the Group. Similarly, Indian Parliamentary Delegation visited European Parliament, Mongolia, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Mauritius and Russian Federation. Indian Parliamentary Delegations also attended various events organized under auspices of CPA and IPU.

"I am delighted to mention that the Group has organised several events since it came into existence such as Outstanding Parliamentarian Award, Farewell to the retiring President, Address by head of States of foreign countries."

Smt. Sumitra Mahajan (Speaker, Lok Sabha and President of IPG)


Hon'ble Speaker, Lok Sabha

President of IPG


Since the institution of Outstanding Parliamentarian Award in the year 1995, 18 eminent Members of Parliament have been given this award.

Indian Parliamentary Group takes pride in organising address of Parliament by Heads of States of foreign countries. Till date 39 heads of states have addressed Members of Parliament in the Central Hall. The last Head of State who addressed in the Central Hall of Parliament was Mr. Barack H. Obama, President of USA on 8 November, 2010.

The Indian Parliamentary Group has been enriched by the contribution of the Members of the Group. It is also gratifying to note that the affairs of the Group are managed solely through the contribution of members. IPG has been regularly organizing events on major issues and subjects of national and international importance. The last such event hosted under the auspices of IPG was the First National Conference of Women Legislators in 2016.

IPG has always been welcoming valuable suggestions and requests of the Members/Associate members on matters of parliamentary, legislative and mutual interest. Several issues that have come up before me as President of the Indian Parliamentary Group have been addressed by the respective Ministries/Departments of the Government of India.

Today, promoting inter-parliamentary relations among Parliaments has assumed added significance in view of the increasing inter-dependence of nations in a global environment. I am happy that the Indian Parliamentary Group is launching its webpage today on 28 December 2017. In this backdrop, I hope that this new IPG webpage will go a long way in facilitating parliamentarians by disseminating useful information and helping them to join hands and work together to address the varied challenges facing the world today. I hope that the webpage will also be found beneficial by the general public, students and scholars and all others interested in our parliamentary polity.

"I am confident that with your active participation the objective with which Indian Parliamentary Group was formed by our forefathers would continue to be achieved by us. "

"I wish all the best in the future endeavors of the Group."

Smt. Sumitra Mahajan (Speaker, Lok Sabha and President of IPG)


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