1. The Indian Parliamentary Group is an autonomous body formed in the year 1949 in pursuance of a motion adopted by the Constituent Assembly (Legislative) on 16th August, 1948.

2. Membership of the Indian Parliamentary Group is open to all Members of Parliament and ex-Members of Parliament. A Member of Parliament can become a life Member of the Group on payment of life subscription. On ceasing to be a Member of Parliament, a life member of the Group is designated as ‘Associate Life Member’. The management and control of the affairs of the Group are vested in the Executive Committee. The Speaker, Lok Sabha is the ex-officio President of the Group.

3. The Group aims to promote personal contacts between Members of Parliament and disseminate information to the Members of Parliament by conducting seminars etc. on the issues that are likely to come up before Parliament. It arranges lectures on political, defence, economic, social and educational problems and also arranges visits to foreign countries with a view to develop contacts with Members of other Parliaments.

4. The Group acts as a link between the Parliament of India and the various Parliaments of the world by exchange of delegations, goodwill missions, correspondence, documents etc. with foreign Parliaments. It also functions as the (a) National Group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and (b) Main Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association in India.


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