1. Title – There shall be an "Indian Parliamentary Group" of the Parliament of India hereinafter referred to as the "The Group".

2. Aims and Objects – The aims and objects of the Group are:-

  • To promote personal contacts between Members of Parliament;
  • To study questions of public importance that are likely to come up before Parliament and arrange       seminars and discussions and study courses and bring out publications for dissemination of information       to the members of the Indian Parliamentary Group;
  • To arrange lectures on political, defence, economic, social and educational problems by Members of        Parliament and distinguished persons;
  • To arrange visits to foreign countries with a view to develop contacts with Members of other Parliaments;
  • To function as the National Group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and also as the India Branch of the    Commonwealth Parliamentary Association in conformity with the aims and objects of these two       organizations.

3. Life members – Any sitting Member of the Lok Sabha or the Rajya Sabha may become a life member of the Group on payment of the subscription prescribed in Rule 6.

4. Associate Life Members

  • On ceasing to be a Member of Parliament, a life member of the Group shall be designated as 'associate       life member' and shall be entitled to such facilities only as are available to associate life members under       Rule 7.

         Provided the cessation of the Parliamentary membership is on account of expiry of the term, premature    dissolution of the House etc. The question of Members expelled by the House being designated as       associate life Members will be subject to a decision by the Executive Committee.

  • Any Ex-Member of Parliament may be elected by the Executive Committee of the Group as an       associate life Member of the Group on payment of the subscription prescribed in Rule 6.

5. Assent to Aims and Objects – Every life member or associate life member shall be taken to have given his assent to the aims and objects of the Group as set out in Rule 2.

6. Subscription – The Subscription for a life member of the Group or a person who is elected by the Executive Committee as an associate life member under Rule 5 shall be one thousand rupees payable in advance before enrolment as life member/associate life member

7. Facilities for Life Members and Associate Life Members

  • For Life Members:

    Letters of Introduction are issued, on request, by the Lok Sabha Secretariat to our Missions in various Countries to receive/see off of Indian Parliamentary Group Members at airports and to extend due courtesies and necessary assistance.

  • For Life Members and Associate Life Members:

    a. Letters of introduction are issued on request to Parliaments of countries concerned for assistance and preferential treatment in matters such as show round of Parliament Building, access to galleries and lobbies to witness proceedings and for arranging meetings with fellow Parliamentarians.

    b. Free supply of periodicals: The Parliamentarian, which is a periodical published by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, London, is supplied free to the Members of the Indian Parliamentary Group on request made in the prescribed form.

8. Management and control – The Management and control: The management and control of all affairs of the Group shall vest in the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, the two Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer, and not more than 20 Members. The Secretary-General of Lok Sabha shall act as the ex-officio Secretary-General of the Executive Committee

9. i. Office Bearers – The Speaker of Lok Sabha shall be ex-officio President of the Group and the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha and Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha shall be ex-officio Vice-Presidents of the Group.

ii. The following shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting from amongst the life members of the Group and shall continue to hold office till the next election take place:

  • Treasurer
  • Not More than 20 members.

iii. The Secretary General of Lok Sabha shall act as ex-officio SecretaryGeneral of the Group.

10. Meetings – (1) The Annual General Meeting shall ordinarily be held on such date and time, as the President may fix.

(2) The President may, having regard to the business to be brought forward call general meetings of the group from time to time as may be necessary.

(3) The President may call meetings of the Executive Committee from time to time as may be necessary.

(4) On a requisition in writing of not less than twenty members of the Group, the President shall summon a Special General Meeting.

11. Quorum – The quorum at the meeting of the Executive Committee shall be five and at general meetings shall be ten.

12. Voting – Every member other than associate life member shall have one vote. Questions shall be determined by a majority of members present and voting. In case of an equality of votes the person presiding shall have a second or casting vote.

13. Business to be placed before the Annual General Meeting – The following business shall be placed before the Annual General Meeting:

  • Report of work done in the year with a statement of accounts;
  • Election of Treasurer and the Executive Committee; and
  • Appointment of an Auditor.

14. Duties of the Secretary-General – It shall be the duty of the Secretary General:-

  • To keep record of all meetings of the group as also of the Executive Committee;
  • To keep in custody all record of the Group;
  • To keep true and correct account of the receipts and disbursements and to get the same audited;
  • To submit draft of the annual report before the Executive Committee;
  • To convene meetings as directed by the President; and
  • To carry out such other directions as the Group Executive Committee or the President may give.

15. Arrangement of affairs in the event of General Election to the Lok Sabha – In the event of a General election to the Lok Sabha, the Office-bearers and the Executive Committee shall carry on the affairs of the Group until the election of the new Speaker, the new office-bearers and the members of the Executive Committee.

16. Amendments to Rules – Any amendments to these Rules shall be proposed at the Annual General Meetings of the Group. Notice of the Proposed amendments should be given in writing to the Secretary-General seven days before the date of the meeting.


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