The Award

  1. An "Award for Outstanding Parliamentarian" shall be given annually by the Indian Parliamentary Group.

  2. The Award shall comprise a citation and a suitable silver replica of Parliament House.

  3. The Award shall be given to the most Outstanding Parliamentarian who will be selected by an Award Committee. If the Award Committee Chooses not to give an Award in a Particular year, they may recommend accordingly.

  4. The Award may be announced well before the Annual General Meeting of the Indian Parliamentary Group and presented at the meeting.


  1. A member from either house of Parliament shall be eligible to receive the award. However, a member who has received the award once, shall not be considered for the award in the subsequent years.

The Award Committee

  1. The Executive Committee of the Indian Parliamentary Group shall constitute an Award Committee which shall consist of the following:-

    • Speaker or Former Speaker, Lok Sabha;
    • Deputy Chairperson or Former Deputy Chairperson, Rajya Sabha;
    • A senior Parliamentarian from each of the two Houses of Parliament; and
    • A senior Journalist
    The recommendation of the Award Committee shall be placed before the Executive Committee of the Indian Parliamentary Group for formal acceptance.

Chairman of the Committee

  1. The Chairman of the Award Committee shall be appointed by the President of the Indian Parliamentary Group from amongst the Members of the Committee. However, if the Speaker, Lok Sabha happens to be the Member of the Award Committee, he will be the Chairman of that Committee.

  1. The Award Committee shall, while making the selection and adjudicating the performance of the Member in the House and its Committee give due consideration to the following:-

    • Member's experience;
    • Debating skill;
    • Awareness of national and international issues;
    • The variety and the depth of the issue raised;
    • The manner of presentation;
    • Proficiency in language;
    • Contribution in the international Parliamentary fora;
    • Observance of the Rules of Procedure, maintenance of dignity and decorum of the Houses;
    • Contribution in various Parliamentary Committees.


  1. Nominations received from the Members of IPG for the Award shall be considered by the Award Committee and the Committee may select one of the names so proposed. The Committee Shall, however, be free to choose on its own any other Member of Parliament for the Award.

  2. Members of IPG may be requested through a circular for nominations before a prescribed date.

  3. In case of any doubt about the interpretation of any of the above provisions, the decision of the President of the Indian Parliamentary Group shall be final and binding.


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