There shall be Parliamentary Friendship Groups hereinafter called the Friendship Group formed in the Indian Parliament to interact with designated foreign countries.


The Friendship Group shall consist of twelve (12) Members of Parliament (08 from Lok Sabha and 04 from Rajya Sabha) who have special aptitude for and interest in, the affairs of the country with which the Friendship Group is designated to interact. Members of the Council of Ministers shall not be nominated to a Parliamentary Friendship Group.

Office Bearers

The Speaker, Lok Sabha, shall appoint a President of the Friendship Group.

The Secretary-General, Lok Sabha, shall act as the ex-officio Secretary-General of the Friendship Group.

Aims and Objectives

  • To maintain political, economic, social and cultural contacts between the two countries
  • To create favourable conditions for continuous development of inter-Parliamentary contacts,       especially in the organization of talks, mutual exchanges and cooperation between the two       Parliaments;
  • To assist in having exchanges of information and experiences on issues related to Parliamentary       activities;
  • To promote cooperation between the delegations of the two countries while participating in the       deliberations of international organizations and also in carrying out consultations on issues of       mutual interest, as and when such opportunity arises;
  • To increase ties between member countries; and
  • To study and evolve an insight into the best Parliamentary practices that are worth replicating.


Meeting of the Friendship Group shall be held with the Foreign Parliamentary Delegation of the respective country visiting India.

At least one Meeting shall be held with the officials of Ministry of External Affairs to brief the President and Members of the Friendship Group about the respective country.


The quorum for the meeting shall be five.


The Secretary-General, shall provide secretarial assistance to the Friendship Group.

Management and Control

The management and control of all affairs of the Friendship Group shall vest in the Executive Committee of the Indian Parliamentary Group.


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